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NASA renames Kuiper Belt object following controversy | SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft just fired up its escape engines | NASA's Curiosity rover makes a baffling oxygen discovery on Mars


NASA renames Kuiper Belt object following controversy
Nov 14, 2019 00:00 UTC. Read More

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft just fired up its escape engines
The Verge
Nov 13, 2019 23:23 UTC. Read More

NASA's Curiosity rover makes a baffling oxygen discovery on Mars
Nov 13, 2019 23:14 UTC. Read More

The Location for NASA’s Next Mars Rover Is Even More Intriguing Than We Realized
Nov 13, 2019 21:45 UTC. Read More

New NASA study finds long-haul danger for astronauts: Blood flow in reverse
NBC News
Nov 13, 2019 21:39 UTC. Read More

Earth was on the other side of the galaxy when dinosaurs reigned
Nov 13, 2019 21:31 UTC. Read More

Mysteries behind interstellar buckyballs finally answered
Nov 13, 2019 21:21 UTC. Read More

Feathered polar dinosaur fossils discovered in Australia
Nov 13, 2019 21:05 UTC. Read More

Chandrayaan-3: Second bid to land on Moon by November 2020
Times of India
Nov 13, 2019 20:55 UTC. Read More

McDonald’s customer accidentally uses code word, gets three bags of weed at the drive-thru
Nov 13, 2019 20:34 UTC. Read More

There's a Mysterious Source of Oxygen in Mars' Atmosphere, and No One Can Explain It
Nov 13, 2019 20:27 UTC. Read More

Mystery as NASA Mars Rover finds oxygen which scientists ‘struggle to explain’
Yahoo News
Nov 13, 2019 20:21 UTC. Read More

Watch a Brilliant Fireball Flash Over St. Louis' Historic Arch (Video)
Nov 13, 2019 19:52 UTC. Read More

Secrets of the largest ape that ever lived
BBC News
Nov 13, 2019 19:50 UTC. Read More

UFOs over Central Texas identified
Nov 13, 2019 19:28 UTC. Read More

Meteor that streaked over Missouri weighed about 220 pounds
KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis
Nov 13, 2019 18:21 UTC. Read More

May the Piccolo Be with You! Watch an Astronaut Perform the 'Star Wars' Theme in Space
Nov 13, 2019 18:08 UTC. Read More

Feathered dinosaur fossils discovered in Australia
Fox News
Nov 13, 2019 18:07 UTC. Read More

Experts unlock key to photosynthesis, a find that could help us meet food security demands
Nov 13, 2019 18:00 UTC. Read More

Promising Plant Sciences Breakthrough Could Lead to Photosynthesis 2.0
Nov 13, 2019 17:59 UTC. Read More

'Real King Kong' primate was related to the orangutan
Nov 13, 2019 17:59 UTC. Read More

Extinct giant ape directly linked to the living orangutan
Nov 13, 2019 17:59 UTC. Read More

Japanese sample return craft departs asteroid, heads for Earth
Spaceflight Now
Nov 13, 2019 17:49 UTC. Read More

A Supermassive Black Hole Yeeted This Star at 3.7 Million MPH
Nov 13, 2019 17:39 UTC. Read More

Gigantic asteroid twice the size of Big Ben careens past Earth in ‘near miss’
The Sun
Nov 13, 2019 17:22 UTC. Read More

NASA Reverses Course After Giving Asteroid Nazi Name
Nov 13, 2019 17:19 UTC. Read More

Secret silent source of climate change revealed
Nov 13, 2019 17:17 UTC. Read More

Researchers capture moving object with ghost imaging
Nov 13, 2019 17:13 UTC. Read More

Ant expert discovers new Utah species in backyard
Nov 13, 2019 17:07 UTC. Read More

The Mars 2020 rover will search for fossils and signs of ancient life
Nov 13, 2019 16:52 UTC. Read More

New, 'Hidden' State of Matter Coaxed into Being by Ultrafast Laser Flashes
Nov 13, 2019 16:51 UTC. Read More

Farewell, Ryugu! Japan's Hayabusa2 Probe Leaves Asteroid for Journey Home
Nov 13, 2019 16:46 UTC. Read More

An asteroid passed within less than 900000 miles of the Earth
Daily Mail
Nov 13, 2019 16:00 UTC. Read More

NASA renames mysterious Ultima Thule after Nazi controversy arises
Fox News
Nov 13, 2019 15:49 UTC. Read More

How Manmade Lava Explosions Could Save Lives
Nov 13, 2019 15:44 UTC. Read More

Rapidly compressing lead to planetary-core type pressures found to make it stronger than steel
Nov 13, 2019 15:29 UTC. Read More

Superfast star found leaving Milky Way at 1,700km per second
The Guardian
Nov 13, 2019 15:01 UTC. Read More

Ultima Thule renamed to avoid Nazi link
Nov 13, 2019 14:38 UTC. Read More

A Japanese spacecraft is coming back to Earth with samples from a nearby asteroid
Nov 13, 2019 14:24 UTC. Read More

How to spot the SpaceX Starlink satellite train overhead this week
Ars Technica
Nov 13, 2019 14:10 UTC. Read More

Hayabusa-2: Japan spacecraft leaves asteroid to head home
BBC News
Nov 13, 2019 14:05 UTC. Read More

Researchers Find More Than 1 Million Alternatives to DNA
Nov 13, 2019 14:01 UTC. Read More

The mental health of PhD researchers demands urgent attention
Nov 13, 2019 12:58 UTC. Read More

Hubble captures a dozen galaxy doppelgangers
Nov 13, 2019 12:46 UTC. Read More

The Arctic's Most Stable Sea Ice Is Vanishing Alarmingly Fast
Nov 13, 2019 12:14 UTC. Read More


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